Coffee Kulture Pluit: Home For Tasty Baoger

North Jakarta, not as hip as the South but lately it's getting pretty excited to explore. If years ago, the area filled with mostly family restaurant, nowadays north people can easily find place to sit and having a cup of good coffee. While Ombe is more Instagenic and always packed especially on weekend, Viveri Coffee is probably too hidden and not very easy to find. More than a coffee place, Coffee Kulture offers so much more, from good food to cozy spot to hang out with friends also suitable for working. 

Among all the dishes, the one that caught in the eye was their Baoger. A burger with bao aka baozi to replace the bun. There are two to choose, Beef or Chicken Baoger with your preferred bao, steamed or fried. Beef patty, cabbage, caramelized onion, bacon, generous amount of mayo and yellow mustard, potato fries as a companion. While the chicken version looked not so attractive but really you can't judge the appearance, it was surprisingly super tasty. Definitely made for Asian's tongue, tangy seasoning, fresh coriander leaves. Lemongrass mayo, brings out the flavor. 

I enjoyed coffee occasionally, though I'm not a right person to talk about the coffee here. Few visits are paid with refreshing Milo Dino, iced Milo with Milo powder on top. Unlike when eating out at some other places, water or unsweetened tea is always be my first choice, but here Milo Dino. It was a love at the first sip, haha.. Anyway, it's just me, I used to not drink it back days. If you're looking for something that is too cute to eat, go for their sweet Bao

Coffee Kulture
Jalan Pluit Karang Utara Blok A5 no 37
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 11am - 11pm
Weekend 11am - 12 pm

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