Altitude Grill Jakarta: Steak and Confit Shallot

Can you name places to savor proper steak in Jakarta, not many. Here's the newest, Altitude Grill. With great view from the 46th Floor at The Plaza, dinner will be even more romantic. More than a steak house, they have a lot more to offer. Premium cuts, dry aged beef, and of delicious side dishes. They're using Omi Hime wahyu from Shiga Prefecture. 

welcome bread

Started with Grilled Watermelon Salad (IDR 120.000) served with feta, arugula, and 25 years aged Balsmic vinegar, light and fresh, the grilled watermelon has very unique texture, closely like sashimi. 
Apple Mango Prawn Cocktail (IDR 120.000)
Scallop Squid Rings (IDR 250.000) with crispy pancetta and raspberry jam, delicate appetizer, salty pancetta with sweet and sour raspberry, great combination.

Next Triple Cooked Wagyu Ox-Tongue (IDR 180.000), super tender, melt in mouth, I'm not a fan of tongue but it was an exception. Served with hazelnut pure, the onion was lovely.

Bistecca ala Altitudine Sher Wagyu MBS 8/9 T-Bone IDR 250.000 / 100 gr - Ribeye IDR 420.000 / 100 gr. Both were super, but personally I prefer the ribeye, fatty, more juicy, and tender. While the T-Bone was very meaty and flavorful, I like the crispy edges though. Every steak comes with 3 condiments, chimichurri sauce, mustard, and herb salt. I don't think I need sauces, but just a little salt as a company to my steak, as the meat was good on its own.

Side dishes were also very interesting, my personal favorite is the Shallot Confit (IDR 75.000), no disturbing onion fragrant, a bit sour, named it onion pickles, so good, it's a must try. Buttered Brocolli Gratin (IDR 75.000) creamy baked broccoli, it was good but not special. Buttered Spiced Corn (IDR 75.000) super fragrant, smoky, and addictive. Some other options are Whipped Potato (IDR 90.000) and Truffle French Fries (IDR 95.000), you know it's just another must order, just because it's truffle.

condiments and side dishes

For the dessert, the have a dessert buffet with only IDR 150.000 you can enjoy from sliced cakes to ice cream. The options are quite diverse, from cheesecakes to tiramisu. They have a good chocolate ice cream, rich and creamy. Verdict? The most memorable was the confit shallot, to me it's just another new interesting companion for having steak while I attached to potato most of the time. Summed up, it was nice experience, warm service, great view, and good food. They're open for lunch and dinner, but I recommend to come for dinner to experience better atmosphere. 

*prices are subjected to 11% government tax and 10% service

Altitude Grill - The Plaza 46th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350

Phone: 087875544757

Altitude Grill Menu


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  1. I have been to jakarta many times but i could not find this place for food. Though the food places are good but i did not like the taste much.