Momozen Jakarta: More Than Truffle

I thought it's all about truffle as I slightly take a look to their menu, well guess I was wrong, Momozen is a modern Japanese restaurant. Using fine ingredients, to me personally I knew it's going to be good. The idea of taking Japanese food to a new level with an interesting way, fancy presentation, fascinating dishes.

Shall we start with To-Morokoshi Potage (IDR 80.000) - creamy corn soup with charred cauliflower bits, and nori powder, hands down, it a warm comforting dish, creamy yet not overwhelming, sweet savory, fragrant charred cauliflower. As I'm not really a 'soup person', I must say that I enjoyed every sip of it. But more, the number one on the list, must order dish here, the Black Truffle Somen with Caviar (IDR 80.000) fancy plating, super fragrant, very appetizing. Even you're not into cold noodles, this will be an exception. 

Moving on, his favorite dish Baby Chic Truffle Rice (IDR 300.000) charcoal grilled whole baby chicken stuffed with truffle butter rice, please note that it will take 40 minutes to prepare this dish as they said it requires 3 cooking method to deliver this beautiful stuffed chicken. Soft flesh, juicy, fragrant truffle butter rice, so good! Portion was quite generous that can be shared for 3 persons. It's Kevin's favorite dish. He said it was super good, especially the chicken, lightly seasoned chicken, juicy meat, but me I must say the rice was on point.

Last, Truffle Donabe Gohan Momozen (IDR 320.000) - rice cooked in a pot, drizzled with truffle oil and generous amount of shaved fresh black truffle, savory, fragrant rice, a simple yet fancy dish. To choose, I personally prefer the rice inside the baby chic, and the must try dish, Black Truffle Somen. Good price, with all those fine ingredients, quite affordable for truffle dishes as they used black truffle instead of the white one. I can see my self coming back in the future, and leave with a smile.

Altitude - The Plaza Lantai 46
Jl M.H. Thamrin kav. 28-30

Phone: (021) 29922246

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