Yoforia Yogurt Studio: Coffee Meets Yogurt

OK it's been a while since my last blog post. I've heard the talk about this pop-up yogurt studio (sounds cool already) named Yoforia. They have their very first pop-up at Paris Van Java, Bandung. To me, it's the hippest mall in the city though nothing much to do but shopping.

First, what makes Yoforia special? We'll talk about their creation later. It's the design, packaging, simple, and yes Insta-genic. Nothing much on the menu, there's no fulfilling food but light bites such as chicken wings, potatoes, with yogurt base sauce. Then the special one, Yogurt Coffee. Using yogurt instead of milk, he got Kuro Yofocinno, espresso - yogurt drink, I must say it's very interesting, a bit sour, bitter, and sweet. Feels like drinking yogurt anyway, not coffee.

For me, it's Berry Smooth, light and fresh, not too sweet to my palate, great job!! I know that it's gonna be the one to order again on my next visit.

The idea is just amazing, something new for our market. I drink coffee but not a coffee person that always order coffee anytime, anywhere. I had enough bubble tea. Still into Thai Tea though. And yes, ready for yogurt.

Yoforia Yogurt Studio
Pop-Up @ Paris Van Java Bandung

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