Sukiyaki At Shabu Shabu Gen - The Plaza Thamrin

Indulgence your appetite with the new Sukiyaki set from Shabu Shabu Gen, yes they're famous for their Shabu-Shabu though. The difference between Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki, Sukiyaki is cooked with just a little amount of liquid while Shabu-Shabu is soupy that you're able to slurp the broth. Sukiyaki is much sweeter, thicker beef slices, and no soup to sip.

First, let me start with Chawanmushi, classic Japanese appetizer, steamed egg topped with prawn, shiitake mushroom, and veggies. To bring up the appetite, a salad consists of lettuce, cherry tomato, radish, carrot, and sweet corn, tangy Japanese dressing, salty soy sauce, and my favorite sesame oil. 

fresh salad
Finally, the main dish, Sukiyaki. Sirloin A4 Kagoshima, melt in mouth, super tasty beefy, dipped into raw egg if you like (just like how it supposed to be), but personally I'm not into raw egg so I prefer to eat it right away. I suggest to add small amount of grated ginger, though you're not really into ginger, trust me, it just better with the ginger. Not all the beef are the same, the A4 is just perfect for the sukiyaki while the higher A5 (in my opinion) is great for steak or maybe Yakiniku.

Kagoshima Sirloin A4
After a delightful melt in mouth beef, continue with assorted vegetables, glass noodles, mushrooms, and tofu, some ingredients such as carrot, onion, and tofu are grilled to shorten the cooking process. At this point, I must say, I was full enough to take another dish but the dessert. But there's one remaining dish, the fried rice. 

fried rice
The dessert, lime jelly, mochi and sweetened red bean, with a scoop of ginger ice scream, what a sweet pleasure. Mochi, covered with bean powder, best combination ever, and the ginger ice cream was really good, not too sweet, a bit spicy gingery after taste, very unique though I believe it's made not for everyone but me, definitely a yes.

The whole experience was quite nice not only because the good food but also good service, I was careless that I didn't bring my portable battery, I asked if they take my phone to be charged in the counter because I only bring my charger plug. Surprisingly, they gave me a power bank, what a convenient way, well I'm impressed.

Sukiyaki Set Sirloin A4 IDR 1.350.000 and IDR 1.200.000 for additional

Shabu Shabu Gen
The Plaza 46th Floor
Kav 28-30, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta


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